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Day 17: Sarah — My list of one…

List of “reason” I’ve not been blogging:

1. Sarah is here — We’ve been in the adoption process for a long time and planned to let our home study expire in August. And then on Friday, we became parents of our second child, a daughter. She’s a wee thing and still sorting a few things out at the hospital. So I (or we, in shifts) go sit with her for hours; not much else, beyond the absolute MUSTs, is getting done. I could itemize and make an actual list, I guess, but the fact is Sarah trumps all, transcends all, for right now.


I’m hoping you will not lose your faith in Lourdes Mint’s Mid-Life Miracle. I’m not.

Although I haven’t been posting (or, more accurately, completing my posts) since we first learned of Sarah, I have kept listening to those characters (from memories, old stories, my imagination, wherever), who it turns out have NOT given up on me, have not abandoned me for ignoring them for so long. THEY STILL BELIEVE I will write their stories. I think, how can that be? But they keep showing up. So I will too. I will write their stories — some of them, anyway, I’m sure. And I’d like to go back and finish some of the draft/incomplete blog posts too. At the very least, I WILL post the rest of Day 9’s story, which is just one hair shy — I think — of the absolute MUSTs mentioned above. (Oh my gosh, does that one take a turn … and then another and another!)

But, in the meantime, I’m writing longhand (not pretty) and even doing voice memos on my iPhone. Never, ever would’ve believed I’d be doing either (ever, ever, ever), just three weeks ago! It’s been all right, though. The thing is I have wanted SO MUCH to re-engage here, even though I know only a few people have read anything I’ve written (thank you angloswiss-chronicles.com/ for coming by more than once ;)*).

So today I offer you, myself, Sarah, Elliot, Roberto, and all my loves — real and imagined — this list of one. It might seem a bit gimmicky, clever-ish — oh, I don’t know. But it is HERE. And I am on my way again — from “nothingness, to darkness, to earnestness, to home” …. and then beyond, I hope. (Must look that quote up again. Always forget the source! Plus, I think it means something different to me than it does to the character who says it… . Happens a lot to Lourdes Mint. Ha ha.)

Off to see sweet Sarah, who smiled a huge smile at me yesterday. I know what they say about newborn’s smiling (e.g., it’s gas), but I WAS telling her a really funny story and I do think she saw the humor in it.

ANYWAY: I will be back. I will be back, I KNOW, because now I have another reason to reach my goal. I have another reason to try my very best.


* I never see a comment, though, so are these just pingbacks? (Not that I’d begrudge a single pingback [or many]. No, to the complete contrary!) So much to learn still about WordPress (and all the rest). I’m suspecting all, about WordPress I mean, would become a lot clearer with an Upgrade.


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