Lourdes Mint's Mid-Life Miracle

Real-time memoir of the coming year (5/20/14 – 15) and the achievement of a life-long dream

Day 104: So far, so-so

day104Over a quarter of my way into the year during which my “miracle” is supposed to happen, I find myself not so confident that it will, on most days; on other days, I am careful not to think about it at all (or have no time to). Every now and then, I look back into the part of me that started the blog, and I know — just like I did then — that SOMEHOW I have to make it happen. The thing is of course (of course!!!) that it will not happen, I will not reach my goal, as the result of a miracle at all, but as the result of consistent, regular effort: hours and hours of work. And I don’t have hours and hours now. I have “hour” if I am very, very lucky. And with all the practical details and logistical requirements of each day, with two small children and a husband who will be away for most of this month, that hour if it comes at all, is usually at the end of the day … when my mind is a pulpy mess. So I am forced to reconsider the possibility of a miracle. More on that later.

For now, my biggest question is whether I can justify spending any time at all blogging. I see that for many of you, whose blogs are primarily concerned with living a creative life and perhaps specifically with writing, your blog is a way of honing your craft, testing out ideas, and exchanging practical information with like-minded others — about things you are working on outside of your blog. For others, your blog is the thing itself, its own reason for being — it seems to be your main creative outlet. I have admired and enjoyed both of these “types” (among others) and also the gorgeous layouts and high functionality of some of them. My blog falls into neither category. It’s free. I will likely never go premium, add any bells and whistles, or be able to spend much more time on it than I do now.

And I have understood from the beginning that my rationale for the blog is questionable. It’s hard for me to explain to the few friends who know about it, and I haven’t tried too hard to hammer it out for myself even. How exactly is working on this blog supposed to help me finish any of my works, especially when my time is so limited? From where I am right now, especially given the wonderful but major life change that has taken place since I started the blog, I really can’t answer that.

I suspect myself of looking for instant gratification and validation … maybe a little of fun. Company. I’ve gotten a small taste of all. I’ve also bumped up against a few cold shoulders and been told in so many words: YOU DON’T MAKE SENSE. Poison. But that brings me back to this blog, whether it makes sense. I don’t know. I know I’m not doing any of things you’re supposed to do to ensure any real progress in the blog world. Outside of here, I am trying harder. I just found out my main freelancing gig is drying up for six months. So … I plan to join CHADD and to get a babysitter for 7 hours a week to work on my fiction, on it only — no laundry, exercise, etc. And I am not giving up on my goal.


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3 thoughts on “Day 104: So far, so-so

  1. wscottling on said:

    Is a blog supposed to have a purpose? No one told me that.

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    • Oh no! I wouldn’t say every blog has to have a purpose, but I do think some of the most compelling do, whether it’s kept personal or publicized, implicit or explicit. Then again, I couldn’t guess the “purpose” of many of my favorite blogs. 🙂 I’m a big-time meanderer and dabbler and dawdler, though, and I have committed to a goal and “put it out there” — to the extent that I can tolerate, anyway. And so for right now, yes, my blog has to have a purpose and one that makes sense in the context of everything else in my life. If something is not important to the well being of my family or me, OR is not necessary or obviously (beautiful ;)) or useful to me in helping me achieve that goal than I have to question putting any time or energy into it. That’s all.

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  2. A blog can be difficult to maintain, no doubt. I used to post twice weekly, then weekly. Now I cut myself some slack and post when I can. Busy people probably prefer blogs that don’t post as often anyway. At least that’s what I tell myself. 😉

    Good luck meeting your goals!

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