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Real-time memoir of the coming year (5/20/14 – 15) and the achievement of a life-long dream

Bob’s TBT (or “LOVE is love is love is love.”)


unidentifiable-on-a-stickThis is late, “Addicted to Purple,” but Bob had t0 give it a little lick to realize what it was….

“TBT for my FB friends from Gun, CO. Remember ‘Glory Potts’? A red head, American (but w/ parents in the CIA), here from Bangkok for just one winter?

Seems OK to share now (just searched her name — nothing), but — for those of you who don’t already know — she taught me MOST (ahem) of what I know about sex. Still pays off today, even though, you know…  🙂 and you know :(.

Anyway, look at what I found: ‘I’ve GOT you and me on a stick!’ she said,  as she presented me this ‘belly button lint pop’ just before she left. Made from what she claimed she’d collected during our time together. I KNOW!! MY GAWD, how I wanted to gag (especially since she was sucking on it before she passed it over). But now? Well, I gave it a little lick just now. Not really. (Really.)

But maybe I’ll carry it around in a little pouch, sleep w/ it under my pillow (or put it under his old pillow …. *sigh*), hang it from the door frame like mistletoe? Something.

Glory be! What a girl.

LOVE is love is love is love.”


[For those of you who don’t already know: TBTs are photos from the past that people on Facebook post on Thursdays (Throw-Back Thursdays). It took me a long time to catch on.]


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2 thoughts on “Bob’s TBT (or “LOVE is love is love is love.”)

  1. georgiecat on said:

    Glad to finally know what TBT means.

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