Lourdes Mint's Mid-Life Miracle

Real-time memoir of the coming year (5/20/14 – 15) and the achievement of a life-long dream

Goodbye for now — but WAIT, WAIT, not yet!

Well, here’s a perfect ending to a perfect (in its own way) experience here on WordPress.com.


In my haste, I posted my blog’s farewell a bit prematurely last night, trying to meet my self-imposed deadline. And then today, after I thought I’d retracted it to give it the attention I saw it needed and felt it deserved, I accidentally republished (or reposted?) what I thought were “just drafts” throughout the day.

Lourdes Mint (that vaporous image below) almost seems to thiIMG_1776_1 copynk it’s funny, or at least she’s not at all embarrassed about it. Look at her! Pen names can be so disappointing, really, so much the opposite of what you thought they might be. Lesson learned.

But we, I, hope you’ll give the finished work a look when it’s done — tomorrow, I hope. What a year this has been! Thanks!


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4 thoughts on “Goodbye for now — but WAIT, WAIT, not yet!

    • Well thanks for that, does make me feel quite a bit better. 🙂 I often continue to make little changes and corrections to things I’ve posted, but what happened today was a another thing altogether. I’m still afraid to look too closely at what was out there all that time (not that too many people saw it, but still ;)) … and I believe I overwrote last night’s version. Anyway, I’ll live. Thanks, Judy.

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      • I continue to make changes on things I wrote a year ago or more..Good for you to have those high standards….

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      • High standards! I like how you see things. I’ve seen this habit in ways less positive, but I do think high standards are in there somewhere. In the end, I want to feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say.


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